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Welcome to DL Toro, your trusted partner for all types of earthworks and construction services. Our company offers a wide range of services, including soil stabilisation, site clearance, ground remediation, utilities and services, enabling works, foundation systems, and basements.

What sets DL Toro apart from our competitors is that we own our assets, giving us a major advantage over others who face supply-chain problems and delays. DL Toro started as a sub-contractor to large UK construction companies and has grown into a full-service provider of construction services.

Collaboration is in the DNA of DL Toro, and we believe that the world has changed. Brexit, Covid, global war, and supply chain problems have meant that customers - contractors and their managers have to work together to achieve common objectives. We embrace modern methods of construction and have experience in ground preparation for several different methods, including Stick and Frame, Panelised, and 3D Volumetric Modular.

At DL Toro, we offer several contracting options, including Turnkey, Design and Build, and Joint Ventures. All works are carried out in full compliance and close cooperation with the relevant CDM, and we have a comprehensive Health and Safety policy that includes regular training and risk assessments.

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Our Health and Safety policy includes:

Ø Ensuring that all employees are competent to carry out their duties and responsibilities safely and effectively.

Ø Providing appropriate safety equipment and ensuring that it is used correctly and maintained in good condition.

Ø Regularly monitoring our work sites to identify and control potential hazards.

Ø Providing regular training to our employees and partners to ensure that they are aware of the potential hazards associated with their work and know how to work safely.

Ø Conducting regular risk assessments to identify and control potential hazards and implement effective controls.

Sustainability is one key reason why DL Toro embraces Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). We believe that the reduction in embedded carbon during the construction process can be matched by utilising modern methods of groundwork. We also actively embrace diversity and inclusivity in our workplace.

As DL Toro embarks on our journey into the AI world, we are excited to announce our upcoming R&D project in collaboration with Buildots, an AI platform. Our R&D project will allow us to experiment with an AI-based software that streamlines and manages data proactively while allowing real-time project reporting, saving man-hours and bringing cost efficiency for our customers.

Choose DL Toro for all your construction needs and experience our commitment to excellence, innovation, and safety

Home: About
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